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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 7, 2010 12:35am-1:10am PST

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>> ♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? [cat sneezing] craig: what the hell was that? we got to go.
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as governor, he balanced budgets without raising taxes. and california created 1.9 million jobs. as attorney general, jerry brown took on wall street banks, mortgage scammers and public officials stealing from taxpayers. at this stage in his life, jerry brown has the independence to make the tough decisions california needs. as governor i'll cap government salaries and pensions. on the budget, we have to face reality. make do with what we have. and no taxes without voter approval. jerry brown, knowledge and know-how we can trust.
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game over for a high school you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news. >> it's kind of disappointing you can't have your senior homecoming on your own field. >> why their homecoming won't be at home. >> same old song say police, a man claiming to try to con local businesses, how one would be victim figured it out. it's simple. we owe them a good education. >> his first campaign ads are out, but it's what he's omitting that's catching some people's attention. what is it? >> vicotin. >> a neighborhood under siege,
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where people are fighting even legal drug sales. good evening. >> it's a tradition, the homecoming football game is played on the home field, right? not at one bay area high school, the team will have to play else where, why? neighbors are getting in the way. linda? >> reporter: well, dana, right behind me, you do see the high school football field in the dark, that's exactly how the neighbors want it to stay, so there are some stadium lights, but the right to turn them on, that's a game that's being played out in court. they are practicing for what was supposed to be the dream game, homecoming, the first season where some of the high school football games will be played at night. >> there's something about a night game, having the lights on you, it's just exciting. >> reporter: except these stadium lights they fought so long for will stay dark for now. >> kind of a bummer we are not
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allowed to have lights here like was originally scheduled, but i guess the neighbors went to legal issues on us. >> reporter: this high school has only had one night game in its history. the kids loved it, the neighbors didn't. it is so quiet here, you can just hear the crickets, and these are home owners who have a lot of say. >> it's ridiculous. the field is right against the property. the real estate, backyard, and people can hear it, and it's, you know, what type of lifestyle is that to come out and have lights and noise and lots of noise, lots of cars. >> reporter: some of them filed 5 lawsuit, leaving the school scrambling to reschedule games, but it's not about football, the soccer and lacrosse teams suffer too. >> varsity plays first, they'll get the whole game in, but
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freshman and sophomore teams will get shortchanged. >> reporter: a judge is deciding who suffers the most hardships, but it's too late for this team. >> as a player, it's disappointing you can't have your senior homecoming on your own field. >> reporter: there will be a homecoming game tomorrow night, it won't be at home, they'll be playing just down the road, but it just doesn't seem right. >> i'm guessing all the people that put the cabosh on this had night games when they were in high school. >> reporter: probably. it's not uncommon. >> all right, thank you. well, san francisco police say a convicted con artist is up to his old tricks and they say if he isn't stopped, he'll have more victims singing the blues, joe vasquez on his moetown mass cabosh raid. >> police are warning a
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prolific scam artist is back at it again here in san francisco impersonating another moetown legend. allen young has been in and out of jail since the 70s, often posing as a moetown musician and scamming people for thousands of dollars of cash, drink, motel rooms, and limo rides. police are asking for help catching young. he recent posed as the hall of fame moetown song writer of such hits as "stop." and "sugar pie, honey hunch." they say he nearly conned a san francisco gallery out of $75,000 worth of artwork, but when the owner looked up young online, he looked nothing like him, so the plot is foiled. he says young likely has dozens of victims scattered throughout
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the bay area but most are too embarrassed to call police. >> he is memorable, he's so accomplished at what he does, and he's willing to continue doing this against all odds. >> reporter: if you see allen young, you're asked to call 911. in san francisco, joe vasquez, cbs 5. the man who police say tried to kill one of their officers is behind bars tonight. he was tracked to los angeles early this morning. on monday, diaz slammed a van into brower dragging him across two lanes of traffic. brower is expected to be okay. two men are in custody accused of stealing thousands of dollars from atms in berkeley, police said they'd wait and watch for customers that would leave their cards in the machine, then they'd access the victim's accounts
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and steal their money. investigators say the men did that at least 23 times this year. meg whitman has broken her own spending record in her bid to be governor. latest total, she spent $140 million. by comparison, jerry brown has spent about $11 million. whitman reports about $9.2 million left to spend. then there's the race for lieutenant governor, newsome has launched his first television ad for that race. we'll show you what's in the ad and more importantly, what is not. >> legislature. >> as ads go, it's a four-star kennedy, gavon on the beach with his family and telling us all -- >> it's simple, we want our kids to leave their footprints in this world, we owe them a
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good education. if we want them to leave their footprints in the sand, we owe them a good environment. >> reporter: the ad was shot in santa monica, if you look at the ad, you'd have a hard time thinking gavon was even from a place called san francisco. >> why not in san francisco? >> i was in santa monica, i had a number of meetings and i'm running statewide. >> reporter: give him a break. a commercial showing this part of town isn't going to win you any voters. >> i'm very proud of san francisco and what we've accomplished. the more i explain that, the more people appreciate it. >> reporter: maybe, but according to a recent field poll -- >> 22% of voters who don't live in the bay area say they'd be less likely to vote for somebody from the bay area. >> reporter: any idea why? >> i think the bay area is rightfully viewed as a democrat and liberal area, so the rest of the state not quite as
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democratic and less liberal. >> reporter: a lot of the, you know, the tax on cigarettes to clean the streets or ban on plastic bags? all those things are things that convey an image of san francisco that aren't as positive. >> bond rating is reaffirmed, top form of urban school district in california. a lot to be proud of. >> reporter: when do we see a commercial about san francisco in >> offense and defense, i'm running a campaign about tomorrow, it's public education, environment, and job creation. >> other bay area headlines tonight, there is talk of shutting down golden gate park at night because of vandals, the latest target was the golf course where three holes have been ruined by an off-road vehicle, the damage is estimated as $100 million.
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they have 60 times since may hit it. a man fell overboard near the richmond bridge and his power boat kept going ramming into a dry dock. witnesses said the collision was so loud it sounded like an m-80, nobody hurt at the dock, how the man fell overboard is still under investigation. more complaints about the clipper card, students told the school board they have to show up with identification and wait several weeks for the card to arrive. ac transit is phasing out paper tickets in favor of the electronic card. the board says it will try to work out ways to streamline the process for students. a heart wrenching plea from a family with a sick son. a 17 year old is hospitalized waiting for a heart transplant.
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his parents can't take him home because their tiny apartment doesn't have a reliable power supply for his heart machine. [ speaking in foreign language ] at home we have no way to plug anything in >> they have medical expenses you wouldn't believe, just to transport him will cost $7,000 just for that. >> the development center has set up a donation page at the national foundation for transplants. if you'd like to help, you can find the link on the decorations going up, what about the help wanted signs. who is hiring for the holidays. >> no more black oil in the bay, how some cruise lines are taking a more ecofriendly approach in port and -- >> the bay area's black market for prescription drugs, why they fear more pills are on the way. coming up in minutes. instrumental music ]
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california courts may continue to hold up executions, but lack of the drug for lethal injections will not. the state prison system has received 12-grams of sodium this, hiopentol with an expiration date in 2014. the state's supply hit the -- but the court stayed that execution for reasons unrelated to the drug's expiration. >> well, you can get uppers, downers, flash some cash and you can buy all different kinds of prescription drugs all on a bay area street corner known as pill hill. that's why dozens of people showed up tonight on a planning commission hearing to appeal the opening of a new pharmacy on that notorious block. they don't want another source in the neighborhood. allen martin shows us how easy it is to score on the street.
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>> reporter: on the corner it's hard to miss the drug deals going down. watch closely and you'll see this man waited just a few minutes before getting his fix, but it's not crack or heroin, it's prescription drugs. as our producer found out within minutes of walking down the blocks. neighbors here say illegal sales of prescription pills have reached epidemic proportions. now they are worried it's going to get a whole lot worse because a new pharmacy is set to open up shop right in the middle of pill hill. shaun morgan who manages a apartment complex on the street says she was shocked when she found out. >> my response was you've got to be kidding. >> reporter: morgan says it's one more source of narcotics, making the neighborhood more of
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a magnet. >> it's destination shopping. >> reporter: the last time a pharmacy opened up in her neighborhood. >> some would get robbed or mugged or some would want to sell them for the money. >> we're going to have cameras and a guard. >> reporter: but the owners say not so. >> pharmacies have always been a solution to a problem, not pretty much a cause of a problem. they say they researched the area carefully and feel this is the perfect spot. >> this is an underserviced area for the seniors and hiv- positive people. >> reporter: but morgan points out, there are already five places that dispense prescriptions in her neighborhood. >> probably parts that are underserved, this block is not one of them. even if they were the best possible pharmacy, this is the worst possible location. >> reporter: her biggest concern, the neighborhood children. >> these kids go on field trips
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and walk all around the neighborhood. because they are older they get propositions and asked if they want to buy drugs. >> reporter: police patrol the area and make arrests, but it hardly seems to make a dent. they spread out for a minute or two, then are right back. >> i don't know if it's the real deal. >> what do you mean? >> hydrokoa done? >> it looks like it. >> with no sign of letting off. in san francisco, allen martin cbs 5. an appeal has been delayed for another week. . city of san francisco cleaning up cruise ships by plugging them in. normally when those ships are docked in the city their diesel engines have to keep running to keep the power on, but starting today princess cruise ships will shut off their engines and plug in.
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the city hopes to make back some of the $5 million by selling electricity to the cruise lines. >> if the ship used its diesel power it would be spending about $18,000, we wanted to make it beneficial to use clean power so we're going to charge about $16,000. >> that clean electricity comes directly from san francisco's water turbines. let's check in with lauren and see what the rest of the week is going to look like for us. >> interesting day today. we had showers and a couple of thunderstorms until the bay area, most of it to the south, overnight, still have a couple of clouds as we look towards the park there. get ready for a big game coming up. we have the giants showing up tomorrow. we had a few showers making its way, but a couple of showers working back into the san jose area and towards livermore, things settling down now, but it was an interesting
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afternoon, this whole system is going to slide out of our direction, things settling down overnight tonight. tomorrow, looking good, mostly sunny, upper 70s, 60s-mid-70s, the patch of fog beginning to establish itself. 50s right now, 61 in fair field, high pressure nudging its way in here, so as that ridge builds in, the showers will be coming to an end, looks like more sunshine coming our way. with that in mind, temperatures warming up nicely, but you'll find a lot of 70s in the valley, 72 free mountain and 70 degrees, look towards the weekend, much better weather over the weekend, there's a weak disturbance that moves through come sunday, but after that moves by we'll see an off- shore wind kicking in, monday,
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tuesday, how about this, sunshine and warm temperatures all the way to the coastline, looking good. >> very good. >> enjoy it, won't be long before we're talking about a lot of rain coming our way. can you blame the ho-hos for making ,,,,,,,,,,
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seekers. pier one imports says it is accepting applications, and will 0- thousand people learning which retailers are putting out the welcome mat for holiday job seekers, pier one will hire about 10,000
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nationwide. jc penny will start interviewing october 13th. their concord store alone will hire 85 people. toys are us, macies and kohls are all increasing. tonight's question, does sugar really make your kids hyperactive? >> cookies, candies, cakes, soft drinks, it's enough to make a kid crazy, but does it really make them hyper? >> i know there isn't really good solid evidence that sugar causes or contributes to hyperactivity. >> wait a minute, that flies in the face of everything we've been taught, you're telling me our parents and teachers are wrong? >> if you ask parents or teachers they say yes, but some people think it's the context where sugar is given, exciting
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times, parties. >> sport director of the center on obesity says sugar might not make you hyper, but too much will make you fat. >> we have very strong evidence that liquid sugar, has been a major contributor to the obesityic demic. >> the problem is, our bodies don't process sugar as feeling. >> when they drink sugar, they don't eat less. if i drank 150-calories of soda, i wouldn't reduce my meal intake. i'd eat the same amount: >> i need your good questions, send them to me at who was the last pitcher to throw a no hitter in the playoffs? and is he in or out? and is he in or out? zito's reactio,,,,,,
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meet the real meg whitman: serving on the board of goldman sachs, whitman was caught reaping millions from insider stock deals. after ebay shareholders sued and a judge cited the obvious conflict of interest she was forced to pay the money back. what kind of person would be involved in deals a fellow republican congressman called corrupt? and in her last year at ebay, whitman paid herself $120 million right before the company laid off 10% of it's workers.
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we're choosing a governor, shouldn't character matter? career until tonight against the reds. and he really blew it. starter roy halladay hadn't started a post season game until tonight against the reds, and he really blew it. >> halladay is one strike away, the 0-2, a bouncer, ruiz, in time, roy halladay has thrown a no hitter. second pitcher in the history of the game to throw a no hitter, in 1956, don larson tossed a perfect game in the world series.
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tonight, halladay struck out 8, walked just 1. >> it's surreal. it really is. you know, i just wanted to pitch in the post season, and, you know, to be able to go out and have a game like that, you know, it's a dream come true. >> giants open tomorrow night. turn for my sports gas, the braves and the giants. kim has the latest from the practice at at that time at that at&t. >> reporter: of the top two paid giants in question, arron is in, zito did not make the starting rotation and points the finger at himself if he doesn't make the roster. >> i'm disappointed in myself, you know, for not cracking in the rotation. obviously, the playoffs is why we play this game. we have to go and i feel i can help this team in the playoffs, and i have experience, but, you
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know, he's the skipper, so, you know. >> as for game four, it will either be bumgartner or lincecum. at at&t park, cbs 5 sports. >> joe garrardi going low key. the yankees deal the twins, their 10th straight post season loss. ron washington trying to break the playoff losing streak facing david price of tampa. look at this, home run and an rbi single. that gave the rangers the 4-0 lead. struck out 10 in 7 innings, rangers win 5-1. when is a player's attitude not worth his ability? when his name is randy moss. >> if you do a good job and
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think you are doing a good job, you want to be appreciated. i don't think me personally am appreciated. >> moss didn't make it out of new england this year, he was shipped to minnesota, minnesota plays at new england on halloween. finally tonight, the big bad vandals that tore up a golf course in golden gate park must be feeling proud of themselves, a place where senior citizens and aspiring golfers practice their craft. all i have ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the news is always on c-b-s 5 dot com. okay that does it for cbs 5 eyewitness news, david letterman is coming up next. >> that's right, hump day, on the way to the weekend. >> really? already. >> yeah, baby. >> look at the sun is coming up. ,,,,
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